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Jeff Boarts

Babs Carryer

Annette Dashofy

Rebecca Drake

Kathleen George

 Kathryn Miller Haines

J.J. Hensley

Lois Lamanna

Nancy Martin

 Martha Reed

Judy Schneider

Joyce Tremel

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Annette Dashofy

  • “A Murder Runs Through It,” in Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology, edited
    by Ramona DeFelice Long (2011)
  • “Sanctuary Grace” (Spinetingler Magazine, Winter, 2006)  – A finalist in Spinetingler Magazine’s cozy-noir contest: A young homeless woman witnesses the brutal murder of Crazy Joe, a fellow street person. With the killers on her heels, Grace seeks sanctuary at a local church where she is taken in by the boyish reverend and his crotchety assistant. Grace soon learns that neither of her protectors is what they appear to be and only an act of desperate daring can save her life and bring the killers to justice.
  • “A Signature in Blood” (Mysterical-E, Winter 2006) – 2007 Derringer Award Finalist: Rural police chief Pete Adams and deputy coroner Zoe Chambers must track down the murderer of a longtime township resident by solving the mystery of a strange symbol that keeps appearing at various crime scenes and is found carved in the victim’s flesh.

 J.J. Hensley

Liz Milliron (Mary Sutton)

  • Murder Most Scenic (The Laurel Highlands Mysteries): A collection of stories previously published elsewhere, including Mysterical-e and Lucky Charms: 12 Crime Tales
  • “Three Rivers Voodoo” in Blood on the Bayou: Bouchercon 2016 (coming September 2016 from Down & Out Books): When Violette Lemaire left Louisiana for a job in Pittsburgh, she left a lot in the bayou: beignets, Spanish moss. Voodoo. But when an annoying co-worker seems to have all the luck, will a childhood tradition provide some relief?
  • Twins” –, September 2013: The ultimate story of identity theft
  • Decision Points” – Mysterical-e, Fall 2016: The past is really never as far behind us as we think.
  • “The Far End of Nowhere” in  Fish Out of Water, a Guppy anthology (Spring 2017): What happens when a high-society food critic from New York City is stranded in a small town in West Virginia? According to Vicky Radcliffe, nothing good.
  • “Home Front Homicide” in Malice 12: Mystery Most Historical – Malice Domestic (Spring 2017): The year, 1942. In this historical story, Betty Ahern is trying to make ends meet, working for Bell Airplane near her hometown city of Buffalo, NY and dreaming of the day her fiance returns from North Africa. But when Betty arrives at work to find the shift manager dead, she has to put her wits to use before the new manager makes good on his promise to get the women out of the factory and back in the kitchen.

Martha Reed

  • “The Haunting of Dalton Primble” (Spinetinger Magazine): A mild-mannered accountant from Toronto has no idea what’s in store when he inherits his family’s abandoned lakeside cottage. A tale of terror, eh? From the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario.
  • “Pastures of Heaven” (Mysterical-E, Summer, 2008): Visit a setting in the human past so distant there are no echoes of Western civilization. Read on, and allow your imagination to follow. Pastures of Heaven, the first offering in the new Forgotten Mythology series.
  • Four of a Kind – a collection of previously published stories

Susan Thibadeau

  • The Discarded Spouse (Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, July/August 2014 issue) 2014 Black Orchid Novella Award Winner

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The Lipstick Chronicles
Mysteristas (Liz Milliron/Mary Sutton)
Annette Dashofy
Judith Evans Thomas

Articles by Our Members

Judith Evans Thomas
Mary Higgins Clark, The Queen of Mystery
Pittsburgh Magazine December 2004

Judith Evans Thomas
Nancy Martin, She laughs it up with murderous intent
Pittsburgh Magazine March 2005

Judith Evans Thomas
Kathleen George, Taken
Pittsburgh Magazine